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Dinah Wiedemann | Dramaturgy
2022-02-27_DSCF1467 Kopie.jpg
2022-02-27_DSCF1790 Kopie.jpg
Johannes Kandels | Sound
Silvan Lackerschmid | Guitar
2022-02-27_DSCF1462 Kopie.jpg

AERA TIRET is an audio-visual live-electronic act from Germany. 

Since they appeared in 2018, they hit the electronic charts on number ONE and TWO several times. 


AERA TIRET is different. AERA TIRET means conversation and connection between: 

sound, sphere, artificial light, visuals and audience.


Four extraordinary multi-instrumentalists create spherical landscapes by synthesizers combined with urban drumbeats. 

This world meets an immersive atmosphere, that is created by a visual artitst and theatre dramaturg who ends this up in an euphoric and captivating overall picture.

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